Print Design


Poster showing iconic women from each continent. The distance between vertical lines indicate the amount of time. 

Crazy Sexy Cool – By The Editors of US Magazine

Photographic portfolio book redesigned with woodtype, inspired by circus posters.

Swiss Version – referencing Armin Hofmann's Graphic Design Manual and Josef Müller-Brockmann's Grid Systems

Louis Sullivan Posters

Contrasting styles showing the same information – structured vs. organic.

Roosevelt Monument Book

Daytime Version – classical typographic and photographic study

Nighttime Version – experimental study

New York Times Book Review

Reimagined the Book Review section based on the thicks and thins of logo and old library cards for rules and captions.

Luggage Tags

Monograms for airports showing characteristics of the city with repeated patterning on the back. Form and colours used in vintage designs.